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2017/05/17 participated in the Suzhou Electronic Information Expo in China in mid-May - Smart Technology Application and Smart Manufacturing Exhibition (2017 eMEX)4
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Wisdom technology is the hot keyword today. Whether it is smart health care that is more valued with the evolution of social patterns or smart cities that are closely related to daily life, using the Internet of Things to make life more convenient has gradually become the focus of today's development.
At the invitation of the Taiwan Computer Association this year, Jingneng Technology (Taiwan) / Jingluoyou (Shanghai) participated in the China Suzhou Electronic Information Expo - Smart Technology Application and Smart Manufacturing Exhibition (2017 eMEX) in mid-May. Suzhou is a world-class industrial manufacturing base, and related products and technologies have considerable market demand in Suzhou and surrounding areas. This exhibition will focus on three major themes: "Smart Manufacturing", "Smart Life" and "Smart City". Crystal Energy starts with a smart factory solution. In addition to the latest AgileMES (Smart Factory Execution System), this exhibition also exhibits IoT machine automation and big data related solutions to achieve intelligent operation and implementation. Enterprises have greatly increased their production efficiency and information integration capabilities to achieve high-yield and high-yield results.


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